My dear guest.

My name is Eliso. I am a professional artist from Georgia. Georgia is one of the most uncient countries in the world, which came to our time with its own language, alphabet - one of only fourteen in the world and culture. My art originates from these roots.

I graduated from the State Academy of Fine Art in Tbilisi (1965-71 Master degree and 1980-83 Ph.D.) I had great number of solo and group exhibitions bouth in Georgia and abroad.

My professional ability: sculpture, painting, drawing, prints. monumental arts (outdoor and indoor sculpture, mural painting, relieve, mosaic, stained-glass, decorative vases), zodiacs, jewelry, fashion design.
And other: writing, poetry, philosophy and I am an excellent cook.

Variety of items, predominantly sculptures, relieves and paintings were acquired by museums, galleries and private collections in Georgia, Baltic Countries, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Russis, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukrain, United Kingdom and USA.

There are published great number of booklets, articles in different magazines and newspapers, several film and TV documentaries about my art in many countries .

Full list of my art and details about it would be too long that's why I do not want to waste your time. I think, my art, my letters and thoughts will tell you much more and better.

This is only a small part of my art.

Now I live in New York. I established nonprofit international organization AMIRANI.
In a nutshell my organization aims for a dialog of cultures and I hope you'll find out lots of interesting things for your soul.

AMIRANI is just founded for YOU!

AMIRANI's web side is coming up. Would you, please, take note of our announcement.

See you soon on internet!

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